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Types of Abortion:


Medical or Chemical Abortion

(Or The Abortion Pill)

Medical abortion... chemical abortion... the Abortion Pill... whatever you may have heard it called, this is the typical form of abortion in the first trimester.  

First, a doctor will prescribe a dose of mifepristone. This medication blocks your body's progesterone (which a pregnancy needs to stay healthy and grow normally!) 

Second, you are given a medication called misoprostol. This will induce cramping and bleeding to empty the uterus, which may continue for several days.  

Surgical Abortion

Two Different Types of Surgical Abortion: 

1. Suction or aspiration abortion... this is the most common type of surgical abortion. It uses suction to remove the fetus from your uterus. (This is usually used before 14-16 weeks after your LMP or 'last menstural period')  

2. Dilation and Evacuation (D&E)... This also uses suction, but requires an additional tool called a curette: a long, looped shaped knife that scrapes the lining, placenta, and baby away from the uterus. (This is usually used when it has been 16 weeks or longer since your LMP) 

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