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What is

The PCCOB is excited to offer educational classes for parents and guardians.   With topics ranging from pregnancy, birth, infant/toddler care, life skills, and so much more, we are confident that anyone expecting a baby OR with a child up to 24 months old can benefit greatly from this program! 

These classes are offered online OR in person (via video). Each class consists of a roughly 15-25 minute video, a worksheet, and a homework sheet.  Most worksheets and homework sheets are made up of a few multiple choice and/or short answer questions. 

Being a part of Soar Academy offers an opportunity to earn points to be redeemed in The Boutique. The Boutique has a wide variety of items for pregnancy and babies/toddlers up to two years old. 

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Check out the SOAR ACADEMY Client Handbook for more details! 

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