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Our Services
Pregnancy Tests

Have you taken one or many at home tests? We are here for you. Our center offers hassle free confidential pregnancy testing. We want to make sure every woman leaves our office receiving the care she needs. You will be able to speak with our Nurse at your appointment. 



Our limited ultrasounds are performed by Certified Ultrasound Technicians with professional equipment in a comfortable, private environment.

We offer ultrasounds to pregnant women who have not already been seen by a doctor.



Through our SOAR Academy, we offer a variety of classes for both men and women that are full of useful information for all stages of pregnancy, infancy, and "toddlerhood". ​

Upon completion of these classes, clients can earn FREE baby supplies (car seats, diapers, clothing, strollers, and so much more!)

Abortion Information

Because we care about your health, we do not perform or refer for abortions. However, we believe it is your right to be fully-informed about abortion procedures prior to making a decision in Burke County. 


Again, through participation in our SOAR Academy, clients are able to earn free supplies from our "Boutique". Items within The Boutique include: maternity clothing, diapering essentials, clothing for children up to 2T, toiletries, baby gear, children's toys, and more!

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