The Man


Men play a vital role in the development and strength of

the family unit. We, at PCCOB, understand just how

important this role is and the hardships associated with

these different stages. Adjusting to new life demands is

not easy and should not be handled alone. The

relationship with your significant other and the transition

into fatherhood is a journey that we can help you with

through our Man Plan. Through this program,

you receive guidance tailored directly for your specific

journey from our male advocates who teach a variety of

different topics.


These topics include:

• Finances

• Fetal Development

• Role of the Father

• Employment

• Understanding Your Partner

• And more

The Pregnancy Care Center of Burke County is here to guide you in a supportive and confidential environment. We understand that each family dynamic is unique and we cherish this, which is why we will provide you with honest and unbiased information throughout this process for your family’s specific needs.

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