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Hope Program

Empowering and strengthening families is at the heart of who we are. We, at PCCOB, strive to empower families within our community through various means, one of which is the Hope Program. This program encourages families to participate in educational class or in-person meetings with the incentive of earning “Hope Bucks”

which can be cashed in at the boutique that we offer at our center. It is through this program that we acknowledge the motivation of our local families to learn more about the dynamics of the family.


How It Works


With each class or in-person meeting that is taken, these individuals earn what is called “Hope Bucks”. Hope Bucks are tallied after each class or in-person meeting and equal an amount that can be used within our boutique. Once a family member wishes to cash in their earned Hope Bucks, this individual exchanges their points for items provided for within our boutique.


The Boutique

Items within our boutique include: diapering essentials, clothing for children under two, toiletries, baby gear, and children’s toys. Each item is donated from individual donors and is either gently used or brand new.

If you would like to learn more about this program, please

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